09/06/06 - Pete Townshend is "In the Attic" .
Pete Townshend, along with his ever charming and talented, albeit spoiled 31 year old girlfriend, Rachel Fuller, will launch the new and improved version of the underground web phenom of the spring.

The program features the couple along with a regular cast of characters that accompany the two on the Who's tour schedule. There is witty banter, uncomfortable silences and a veritable who's who (pardon the pun) of musical guests that drop by the backstage trailer for off the cuff jam sessions. Over the summer, guests included, the Flaming Lips, E from Eeels, the Zutons, Casbah Club, Martha Wainright and Regina Spektor among others. For the new broadcast, you can expect to see all new exclusive content such as backstage footage, video diaries, exclusive interviews with guests, and much more.

After Roger Daltrey, decided to pull the financial plug from the show, which was initially launched from the Who's official website as "WhoTv". The new program will only be viewable via the ATTIC INTRAVISION website, http://www.intheattic.tv, hosted by and this time financially backed by Townshend and his personal company Eel Pie Recording Productions.

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