08/23/06 - Anthrax - LA Show Review
A review of the recent Anthrax show in Los Angeles has been posted at the KNAC Website, by writer Newsferatu. A few excerpts from the review follow:

"Just when you thought it couldn't get faster they pulled out Indians and just played their fucking brains out. It was like the old school videos you see people jumping out of the trees and just moshing. Right before war dance they broke it up and started playing a Zombie number which had us all kind of stop and figure out some math but then right into war dance we went and everybody was kicking up dust stomping around in metal fury. So far they played the heaviest block I have ever seen in my life N.F.L., A Skeleton In The Closet, and Indians. But they kept going with One World. Listen to those four songs and imagine seeing them play then back to back to back to back. Kids were running out of the pit with busted noses."

"All in all Anthrax is always a fun band to see live. The crowd yet again was fucking cool. Talk about respect and looking out for your fellow brother Anthrax fan. You went down you came back up, if you were getting fucked up moshing, someone helped ya out.

When someone got hurt or went down people were cool and got out of their way and helped them out. They should of filmed that show, it was pretty bad ass. One of thee best shows ever. Never thought Id get to experience shit like that once let alone twice."

"And from what Scottie mentioned, that line up will be recording a new album, so should make for some good music."

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