08/23/06 - Nikki Sixx Talks with Billboard Magazine
John Benson of Billboard.com recently sat down with Nikki Sixx to talk about the upcoming tour with Aerosmith, the Mötley Crüe movie and the new album. The Crüe is set to hit the road with long-time idols Aerosmith; beginning September 5th in Columbus, Ohio. Each band performs a 90-minute set, with Aerosmith closing the show every night.

"I can't believe it," Sixx tells Billboard.com. "I'm excited but also kind of shocked. We toured for 14 months and now we're going right back on the road again? But for me, to go out with Aerosmith is something that is a dream come true."

During the recent "Red, White and Crue Tour 2005 -- Better Live Than Dead", Mötley Crüe found themselves performing to a younger audience, which, in turn, became the impetus for joining the "Route of all Evil" Tour with Aerosmith.

"I think both bands work together great, but they're different enough where it's not going to get boring," Sixx says. "It's quite a journey for both bands."

The, yet to be cast, biopic based on the band's autobiography "The Dirt" is due out next year. Sixx claims the band will be "completely involved" in the movie's production, which will be produced by MTV Film/Paramount Picture.

When asked about the new album from the band, Nikki seems to be in no hurry.
There's a lot of [new] music but I don't feel any urgency," he admits. "I guess in a perfect world, the movie and the album and the tour would all kind of come at the same time. But in the Motley world, I doubt it."

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