08/23/06 - Circus of Power to Perform Self-titled Debut
Circus Of Power have reunited and will be play September 27th at Don Hill's in NYC. The show marks the first time the band has played in New York City, in over 12 years. The current line-up consists of, Alex Mitchell (vocals), Ricky Beck Mahler (guitar), Gary Sunshine (Guitar), Ryan Maher (drums), and Marc Frappier (bass).

Circus of Power will be performing their classic self-titled debut in its entirety as well as choice selections from their 1990 (RCA) release "Vices" and "Magic & Madness" (Columbia) 1993.

The show Sept 27th is scheduled for Don Hills in Manhattans Greenwich Village. "Don ran the Cat Cub back in the late 80"s which was a great room both acoustically and especially socially. We filmed our "Call Of the Wild" music video in that room and had some great times playing NYC in that era," says Beck Mahler. "We look forward to returning after all these years, seeing old friends and playing Don's room".

The show is being filmed as part of the Circus Of Power long form DVD retrospective "Got Motor" (Swamp Boogie In The Big City) which is due for release thru Renegade Distribution in early 2007. The DVD includes many classic performances of the band as well as the now legendary appearance from the Morton Downey Jr. show. The show is a literal time capsule of New York"s chaotic rock scene of the late 1980's. Highlights from the show include the band performing their song "White Trash Queen" from their debut album along with Kiss guitar player Ace Frehley. The DVD will also contain live performances as an rare acoustic version of "Don't Drag Me Down" from the Vices album from Japanese TV.

Says Stone; "The chaos and turmoil that eventually caused this great band to dissolve 10 years ago simply doesn't exist right now. I'm excited to have old friends back together with clear heads playing music and having fun with it. I'm honored that they are in my new film and are convening in New York City from all over the country to show support and play the release party. I welcome them into the Urban Street-Bike Warriors family wholeheartedly.

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