08/17/06 - Jeff Pilson Talks About Dokken Reunion Rumors
It doesn't look like we will be seeing a Dokken reunion anytime soon, but the door remains open. According to the official Jeff Pilson website, Jeff addresses the rumors. An excerpt from the post follows:

"As to the recent rumors of a Dokken reunion, let me tell you what I do and don't know of the situation. First off I am not privy to any discussions between actual band members regarding a current reunion, and have not been formally approached. I do speak with George (Lynch) frequently and he has said he is interested in pursuing the idea. He is also aware that I am not interested in a reunion at this time. I know his manager has spoken with Don's, but I don't know where any of that has led. I also told George that in the event those guys wanted to do a reunion without me, I'd give it my full blessing. He said he'd prefer I be there, but was leaving the door open. I've also said that if it looked like the right opportunity presented itself, and it necessitated my being there- I would certainly keep the door open. But I don’t see that as being the case at the moment. I haven't spoken with Don or Mick in quite a while, so I can't begin to vouch for where they

are in all this. I think it's safe to say that it's primarily speculation at this point, and fairly limited at that.

As to why I don't wish a reunion at this time, I guess I should explain myself. Number one I'm very, very happy in my life right now- including everything going on in my career. And where I'm extremely proud to have been a part of Dokken, and all the accomplishments we made, I don't see where much would be accomplished putting that group of people together again, at least at this time. I also continue to be grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way as a result of my years with Dokken. I'm honestly happy for Don that he's kept it together, and he deserves a lot of credit for that, but it seems we're all much happier apart. I do know what it's like from the fan perspective to want a band you love to just stay together as is. I'm a huge old Grand Funk fan, and it's hard to understand why Mark, Don and Mel can't work together- but it's so different being on the inside- and that I do understand! It's kind of like, why would you rekindle an old marriage that wasn't working when you're so extremely happy with the new one??!! And I really am happy with all the opportunities presented to me right now. I absolutely love being in Foreigner. Not only are they all a fabulous bunch of guys (the laughs and humor are endless), but the quality and professionalism of the band is unmatched. We totally kick ass!! I have that old feeling of "we could take over the world" every time we play. It was the same feeling I had playing live with Dio, and there's no feeling like it. For me, performing is all about fun at this stage of my career- and fun for me is going out and kicking complete ass every single night. I also

love the ability to do records with War and Peace (and hopefully some kind of a tour somewhere down the road- another band that inspires that "world domination" feeling!), and I do believe there will come a day when George Lynch, Fro and I get to do another Lynch/Pilson record, and maybe this time we can go out and do at least a handful of shows. The thought of all those things really excites me, and I wouldn’t want to ever do a Dokken reunion unless I felt a similar feeling about it. And right now I just don't. I'm never closing the door, but I'm not even close to holding my breath either! I've made a commitment to myself to never do anything musical for the money. I choose to be in this only for those rare and beautiful moments in life when inspiration shines its blessed face on whatever it is I'm doing. That's a hard thing to live up to, but so far it's been working. And in that I want to once again thank all those wonderful people out there who have been so supportive of my endeavors, and hope I can see more and more of you out on the wild and wooly road!"

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