08/11/06 - Dirty Rig UK Tour Dates
The band Dirty Rig, which features former Warrior Soul vocalist, Kory Clarke, have added several UK tour dates.

Dirty Rig UK Tour Dates
Sep 13 10:00P LITTLE CIVIC Wolverhampton, England
Sep 14 10:00P JAILHOUSE Coventry, England
Sep 15 8:00P THE TAVERN Wigan, England
Sep 16 10:00P ADELPHI Hull, England
Sep 18 10:00P TRILLIONS Newcastle, England
Sep 19 10:00P THE MUSIC BOX Manchester, England
Sep 20 10:00P VOX Glasgow, Scotland
Sep 21 10:00P BRICKYARD Carlsle, England
Sep 22 10:00P CERT 18 York, England
Sep 23 10:00P G LOUNGE London England

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