08/11/06 - Spread Eagle Press Release - Touring Members Revealed
The touring lineup for Spread Eagle’s Back On The Bitch Tour 2006 will consist of founding members Ray West on vocals and Rob De Luca on bass. Joining them will be John Macaluso on drums (Yngwie Malmsteen, TNT) who played on the group’s "Open To The Public" album. On guitar will be Chris Caffery who is best known for his work with Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

On numerous occasions Spread Eagle's original guitarist and co-founder Paul DiBartolo was contacted about the tour. Commented Rob De Luca: "Having played with Paul DiBartolo since before Spread Eagle I completely respect his contribution to the group and to rock guitar. Presently he lives overseas and is involved in other music projects. Paul couldn’t do the tour so he gave me his blessings to use someone else. Chris is a great musician and a friend of the band. We’re looking forward to playing those songs again live."

Spread Eagle's Debut Album was recently reissued by Lovember Records: www.LovemberRecords.com

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