08/10/06 - Culprit to Re-Record
"Guilty as Charged"

The Seattle band, Culprit, which featured Scott "the Bitch" Earl (TKO, BANG GANG) will be headed back to the studio to re-record their classic album, Guilty as Charged. The album was originally released by Shrapnel Records. Scott stated in his interview with Full in Bloom Music, that he was never happy with the production of Guilty as Charged. When asked about those recording sessions Scott said, " The studio experience sucked because (Mike) Varney didn't have a clue. We didn't either, and trusted him to capture the band. We all kind of just prayed and tried to have fun. It really sucked because that band really had a lot of power and that record doesn't even compare to one tenth of what we sounded like." On working with Mike Varney: "It was very frustrating. He promised a lot of things that he didn't deliver on. The worst I've ever worked with."

At this time, there is no definite release date, but Scott says it can be expected at the beginning of 2007. The disc will be produced by Metal Church founding member & guitarist, Kurdt Vanderhoof.

On May 28th of 2006, Culprit came together once again and played a show in Seattle, opening for Metal Church. Read the FIB Music Interview with Culprit / TKO bassist Scott Earl


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